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Training for Radiation Protection

All LNS employees or associates, classified exposed or not exposed, who carry out an on-site or off-site activity involving ionizing radiation risks must receive adequate information and training in relation to the type of work, the tasks performed and the specific risks to which they are subjected, they must know the radioprotection rules and sign for acknowledgment. Training must take place before the start of activity with radiation risk.

In general, information and training on professional risks are granted by the heads of the divisions, services and unit. In particular, for ionizing radiation risks the Qualified Experts, with Radiation Protection Service collaboration, provide indications on the programs and training methods. The training is carried out by specific courses, booklets, notes, meetings with workers, tests, etc.

The training on the medical aspects of radiation protection is entrusted by the Authorized Doctor.

The employer of guest workers has the responsibility for their training. The LNS will provide information on the specific risks of the experiment carried out.


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