Laboratori Nazionali del Sud

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How To Access

In order to have access to LNS there are simple procedures to be followed, basically consisting in some forms to be filled in.

This procedures concerns:

  • Those who perform (even occasionally) and for any reason, activities with ionizing radiation risk;

  • People taking part in experiments, research groups or guests who use the LNS facilities (Accelerators, experimental apparatus, TestSite CT or Portopalo di Capo Passero, etc.) even if they don't performs activities with radiation risk.

The forms, filled in and signed,  must be submitted to LNS via email to  ufficio protocollo and, in case of radiation activities, to  servizio di radioprotezione, at least 10 days before the user's programmed activity starts. It will not be granted access if the modules are not delivered in time before the activity or whether they are incomplete or incorrect.

Occasional visitors who performs activity during periods shorter than a week and do not use LNS structures or who come to LNS during guided tours, seminars, meetings, workshops, conferences, etc. do not need to produce any documentation, but rather they will simply provide a personal identification document to the gateman at the LNS entrance, indicating a reference person (LNS personnel or affiliate) to be contacted.

The forms are:

For guests not affiliated to any INFN department:

Encl. 1: Request for access authorization, to be written on the home university/institution letterhead, complete with the signature of the director of the home department.

For INFN and affiliated personnel:

Encl. 2: Request for access authorization, to be filled in and signed in each relevant part.

Moreover, INFN and affiliated personnel who performing for the first time activity at LNS involving ionizing radiation risk (whichever their risk classification), must hand in a copy of their personal radiation protection record, undersigned by their home INFN director, reporting LNS as external work location. In case of a new period at LNS such record will not be needed if no change has occurred in the meantime.

We remark that, for exposed (classified) workers, must be indicated the expiring date of the ionizing radiation risk medical fitness.

The request for access can also be demanded for a period including several experiments (not after the end of the calendar year following the submission of the request). In any case, any change to the data reported must be immediately communicated.

Additional info about radiation protection procedures at LNS can be found in this link.

For additional details please contact the Director's Service.

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