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How to place a beam request

The beam time request, i.e. the request of beams accelerated with the Tandem and the Superconducting Cyclotron, must be submitted through an on-line procedure activated in this website.

A "call for experiment" is periodically published in the website, with an opening date and a closing date. The call is sent to a wide mailing list of users. To be inserted in the users list so as to receive notification of the call, please send an e-mail to

Those who wish to perform an experiment with ion beams at the LNS have to ask for credentials sending an email to the webmaster so as to enter the on-line submission procedure within the deadline of the call.

Those who have submitted one or more experimental proposals will receive notification of the date of the proposal presentation to the LNS Scientific Committee, and, afterwards, communication of the Committee response, including the beam time assignment. In some cases, the beam time assignment can be done without any oral presentation of the proposal.

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