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Patrol procedure

Before accelerating the beam or sending it to an experimental room it is necessary to make a round tour inside the area to verify the absence of people. The phases are as follows:

  • the accelerator operator starts the patrol from the radioprotection PC in the control room;

  • the system goes into the "patrol in progress" phase, turns on the prohibited entrance lights and starts a local evacuation sound signal lasting 30 sec;

  • after this acoustic signal, the operator in charge, carries out the round tour, visually inspects all the spaces in the room in question, walking around the area and pressing the buttons in the right sequence and in the pre-established time. During the round the doors are locked to prevent further access, only the main door can be open in the initial and final phase to allow transit. If during the patrol the operator finds another worker inside the room, he must accompany him out and make the patrol starting again from the first button;

  • when the patrol has been completed correctly, the system enters the requested status and generates the consent signals to the accelerators or to the line elements.

The execution of the patrols in the experimental rooms during the experiments is entrusted to the members of the group, duly authorized to participate in the experiment.

Whoever carries out the patrol is responsible for its regular execution in terms of safety, therefore the correct execution is not limited to the right pressure of the buttons but to the verification of the absence of people in every corner or part of the room, even if it is far away from the button or hidden by more or less bulky objects.

The rounds must be performed by a single operator.

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