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User support

User Support

Dear User, if a beam from Tandem or CS accelerator has been assigned to you and need support to prepare the experimental set-up and/or to obtain information about any other requirement, you can directly contact the following people.


Available beams and their characteristics: Dr. Luigi Celona

Head of Accelerator Division

Radiation protection: Mr. Salvatore Russo

Head of the Radiation Protection Service

Safety procedures: Eng. Francesco Noto

Head of Health and Safety Service

Guesthouse booking: Mrs. Virginia Potenza

Target Laboratory (targets, thin films, chemistry support...): Dr. Antonio Massara

Electronics (use of modules from LNS pool, detector test laboratory, support for electronic problems): Mr. Pietro Litrico

Experimental Setup (scattering chamber, mechanics, vacuum problems..): Mr. Daniele Rizzo

Access to LNS-network, LNS data acquisition system: Dr. Emidio Giorgio

Head of Computing and Informatics Service


For any other needs contact: Dr. Alessia F. Di Pietro

Head of the User Support Service

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