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Target Lab

Target lab: a chemical lab specialized in nuclear targets preparation


The target laboratory can prepare thin films to be used as targets for nuclear experiments. The rolling procedure and the evaporation technique are used to get them self supporting or deposited on a backing support. The thickness is usually measured by exploiting the alpha particles energy loss.

In the table below we show a few examples of typical targets produced.

For special needs or further information please contact A. Massara.



Thickness µg/cm2 >



Ag 250-1000 self supp. evap./rolling
Al 38-120 self supp. evap.
Au 40-1000 self supp. evap.
10-11B 50-160 self supp. evap.
116Cd 450 C evap.
52Cr 150-250 self supp. evap.
CrF3 15 self supp. evap.
63Cu 250 self supp. evap
74Ge 60 self supp. evap.
K39Cl 300 Au evap.
6-7LiF up 600 C evap
6LiH 100 C/Al evap.
6Li2O 90 C evap.
24Mg 100/200 Au/self supp. evap./rolling
92-100Mo 600 self supp. rolling
58-60-64Ni 50/250 self supp. evap./rolling
Nb 250 self supp. rolling
Pety-D 80 self supp. --------
208Pb 1000 C evap.
Rh 900 self supp. rolling
Sc 80/240 C/self supp. evap./rolling
Sb2S3 160 C/Au evap.
Si 40/80-400 C/self supp. evap.
120Sn 150 self supp. evap.
SnO2 30 C evap.
48Ti 100 self supp. evap.
Ta 50/1000 C/self supp. evap./rolling
V 400 self supp. rolling
WO3 200 Au evap.
Y 800 self supp. rolling
64Zn 130 C/Au evap.
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