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In order to understand many astrophysical processes a complete knowledge of microphysics is required. Nuclear Astrophysics plays a key role in the description of astrophysical phenomena: it studies the nuclear processes that have been taking place in the Universe since its beginning.

Both the stellar energy production and the elements’ formation (the nucleosynthesis) cannot be explained without the help of Nuclear Astrophysics. Moreover hints on other and more complex astrophysical environments, such as the Big Bang or the stellar evolution, may be obtained.

Nuclear Astrophysics requires a synergic work between nuclear physics and astrophysics; the better is our knowledge of microphysics the better will be our description of the macro cosmos.

In order to do this experimental and theoretical efforts are required. In particular charged particle cross sections (and thus reaction rates) measurements are very difficult to be performed at the very low energies typical of astrophysical contexts. In many astrophysical problems the determination of a reaction rate is crucial; this implies continue efforts to improve experimental results using new experimental devices or applying new indirect methods.




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